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    Temel olanaklar nelerdir?

    Essential amenities are the basic items that a guest expects in order to have a comfortable stay. These include:

    • Toilet paper
    • Soap (for hands and body)
    • One towel per guest
    • One pillow per guest
    • Linens for each guest bed

    Recommended quantities of each item depends on the number of guests and the length of their stay. For longer stays, if you provide extras of each amenity, this ensures guests have everything they need.

    You can decide whether you want to make each guest bed or leave the bed linens neatly stacked. We encourage hosts to communicate with your guests during the booking process to get their preference.

    We strongly encourage hosts to provide essential amenities in all their listings.

    Adding essential amenities to your listing

    If you are providing the full list of essential amenities in your space, you can indicate this on your listing. Click the Essentials option under the Amenities tab.

    Only click Essentials if you are providing each item on the list above. Listings that are inaccurately represented may be subject to penalties, including removal from Airbnb.

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