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We meet and depart promptly (8:00) to Kempton market (about 30 mins) in a taxi. We will do a quick run through of the market and then we each can look individually. Meeting at 12:30pm to return by 1 ish.
Other things to note
A large portion of the market is outside, so wear suitable clothing, comfortable shoes, and a folding umbrella. They have a toasted sandwich bar, but you can also pack your own lunch.

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I'm a passionate collector of beautiful and unusual things, and I crave items you can't put a price on. As a regular on London’s antique scene, I'm keen to share tips to get the most out of Kempton.
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Kişi başı başlangıç fiyatı $83
Kişi başına $83
Kişi başına $83

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We'll spend the day at the Sunbury Antiques Market on the grounds of the legendary Kempton Park Racecourse, featuring plenty of hidden gems.
There are around 700 different stalls, I recommend bringing cash and figuring out a budget in advance.

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Eylül 2017
Jacina is lots of fun, so cool, and a champion vintage shopper! She has great advice and knows many of the vendors at Sunbury. I have been to London many times and always looked longingly at the antique jewelry on Portobello Road, but the prices were prohibitive. With Jacina’s guidance, I was able to find some beautiful antique jewelry that was in my price range. Going to Sunbury would have been overwhelming and intimidating on my own. I definitely recommend this Airbnb experience for anyone looking for an amazing opportunity to find just about any kind of antique/vintage pieces you could want. Love you, Jacina!
Haziran 2017
Jacina is a very pleasant, energetic and approachable young lady. Shopping with her is like shopping with your stylish Best Friend. After arriving at the market, she introduced us some of her favourite Jewelers and helped us bargain. We also had a lot of time to walk about on our own. It's a relaxing morning and we had some beautiful found. Frankly, I was expecting the tour to be more informative and offer more in depth knowledge on antique appreciation etc, therefore the tour fall short on this aspect. 如果你想要了解的是有关古董收藏方面的知识的话, 这个半日游肯定不适合; 如果你只是想跟品味不错的朋友一起买买东西, 聊聊天,那就来吧,一定有收获!
Haziran 2017
This was a fantastic trip. Probably the biggest antique/flea market I've been to outside of Paris. Items were from one pound to more than a thousand pounds. Something for everyone. Jacina was very organized, communicative and helpful. She was available for advice and help if needed during the market. She organized a taxi ride there from our meeting point and there was plenty of time for shopping and just roaming the market. I highly recommend this to any antique/flea/junker enthusiasts.
Mayıs 2017
What a fantastic morning we had at the market. Jacina was an amazing guide; warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, fun and a great teacher. I found some amazing treasures including Yves Saint Laurent vintage shoes and a gorgeous garnet ring! (BTW Jacina the ring does fit and I was able to wear it home) I cannot recommend this experience enough! If you love an vintage shopping adventure with the loveliest host ever this is the event for you!
Ocak 2017
A day out with Jacina is like a day out with a dear friend. I had the most wonderful experience at Sunbury Antiques Market. Jacina is an excellent host. She is warm and approachable. She offers great tips and market highlights I would never have known about on my own. She invited me in her home both before and after for tea and a nice chat. This experience is well worth your time on your next visit to London! Thank you, Jacina!
Ocak 2017
Very extrodinary experience. Jacina is such a wonderful lady who take care everyone in the group, and of course a great host and experienced collector knows every detail in the market. We had a great time together and enjoyed the trip a lot. My husband and me found a lot of cute and good things. We talked a lot with Jacina about collecting things and even interesting opinion on politics issue. She treated us good tea and food. I am so pleasant to met Jacina, I think it was a wonderful coincidence to met her, cuz when I decided to finding something special in London, I just happened to see this experience... pretty cool. 当我决定到伦敦淘一点特别的东西的时候,我就在airbnb上发现了Jacina的这个旅程,整个活动非常棒,集市真的有点远,但是非常值得,比伯特贝罗集市划算多了,我们找到了很多很棒的东西,有的贵一些有的非常超值。买买买得很爽。Jacina非常好,给我们准备了茶和点心,还有集市的地图。她非常贴心,和她聊得很愉快。

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