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Cycle to new and historic city sites

Cycle to new and historic city sites

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We'll meet at the bike shop to get our bikes, helmets, and such. We will also have a safety briefing and test our bikes before we leave. Then I will bring you around the city to show you some cool and interesting places. Singapore is a city of contrasts, and I'll show you modern skyscrapers of glass and steel next…
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Equipment, Drinks, Food

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Local snack and drink
Bottled water
Bicycle Helmets and bicycle will be provided.

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I am a born-and-bred Singaporean who is passionate about my city and cycling. I'm also a licensed tour guide, so I thought, why not combine the two? The best way to explore the Singapore city area is on a bicycle. It's faster than walking and I can show you more places—and it's way more fun—than a stuffy bus tour. I value quality over quantity, so my groups are always smaller and cozy. You'll get personal attention, you'll make some new friends, and we'll have great fun. Safety is my number-one priority so be assured, you will be well-taken care of. Join me to discover Singapore on two wheels.

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We'll ride around the city area on bicycles. There will be many stops along the way and the ground will be flat and easy for all ages. You'll have great fun exploring the city and learning more about Singapore too.

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Let me know if you have any concerns, such as height or weight requirements for the bicycle, or anything else.
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Cycle to new and historic city sites
115 değerlendirme
$60/kişi'den itibaren
115 değerlendirme
$60/kişi'den itibaren