Pottery making at the art center

Avanos, Türkiye

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This is a unique experience because Avanos is a famous town about pottery making The pottery making on the wheel Avanos is a center of Anatolian arts from the middle ages. And the town has many experienced local masters they are going to help you about the discover your talents at pottery making art. We will meet with you at the center of Avanos ör I can pick you up from your hotel then I'll pick you up back of course just gasoline price

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You can ask me what ever you want to learn but I will give you some information I am from Avanos. Avanos is a famous city about making pottery art and I am a local man I can show you the incredible things in our workshop. if you have a car you can come directly to the location but if you don't have a car please let me know then I can take you
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Kasım 2021
The experience was amazing. We had so much fun with Mahmut and the grand master. Their work is so special. They offered us tea and a demonstration and after that, we (4 people) all got to make a pot of our own. We spend almost 2,5 hours at the art gallery. Definitely a great addition to your time in Capadocia:)
Kasım 2021
This is the best value for an AirBnB experience I’ve ever had! We spend an hour and a half (we only expected 1 hour) at the location without being rushed out, and had a wonderful time exploring the location. We made pottery, got a tour, checked out the functional art made throughout generations, and made new friends. Mahmut, I hope to see you again soon!
Kasım 2021
I give 3 stars to this experience with the intention to improve its overall structure. First of all, Mahmut is a very polite guy, clearly knowledgeable and it was very obvious to me that it mattered to him that I have a positive experience. In the beginning of the experience we started with a pottery demonstration from the “master” (not Mahmut) and shortly after it was my turn. However, I felt overwhelmed by the master and did not really get more than 10 minutes with the clay. At this point I also want to highlight that I was alone, so you would expect more 1:1 time. Obviously I’m not an expert and I would have liked for the instructor to let me be more creative instead of making sure I get the perfect shape in such short amount of time. The second part of the experience was a tour by Mahmut which if I had to rate I would definitely give it 5 stars. This was more of a learning of the red and white clay making process, together with a wide display of finished creations and antiques. Mahmut, thank you for everything. You are great. As a closing statement please consider having at least 30min of actual pottery making.
Kasım 2021
We really enjoy this experience. It gave us knowledge how to do the pot especially they allowed us to feel the clay and do it by ourselves. Mahmut is also very friendly . I could recommend this experience to everyone.
Ekim 2021
It was a fun experience for me and my family we enjoyed the class and the art gallery. Great friendly hospitality and considerate. Everyone who want to have a fun I highly recommend it
Ekim 2021
We really enjoyed our pottery course with “the master of pottery” Everyone was really friendly, welcoming and helpful. Thank you very much for the wonderful time. We had an amazing experience.

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