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Making memories on the water

Making memories on the water

Duration:Toplam 4 saat
Includes:Içecek, 1 bilet, Ekipman ve Ulaşım
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Note: This experience is $600 for a private charter for a maximum of 6 guests (not $600 per person). Please feel free to call me regrading any questions you may have (727) 466-8125. I am a U.S. coast guard licensed and insured inshore fishing guide based out of Tarpon Springs, Florida. I have grown up in Florida, fishing the waters of Tarpon Springs and Clearwater my whole life. My days are best…


On an inshore fishing trip, you and your crew will arrive ready to fish at the Anclote River public boat ramp in the morning. There you will be met by Captain Hunter on his 24-foot Sheaffer tower boat complete with a well full of live bait, a cooler with cold waters, and fishing rods tied up and ready to land you an awesome catch. You will then take a short ride out the Anclote River to nearby…


A cooler filled with ice and water will be provided. Feel free to bring any other drinks or food items you may want.
Giriş ücreti
Captain Hunter will provide all of the fishing licenses required by the state.
24' Sheaffer tower boat. A dry and comfortable ride with plenty of clean dry storage for your belongings.
Açık hava donanımı ve Emniyet ekipmanları
All of the necessary high-quality fishing rods and tackle will be provided.


Protective gear (hats, sunshirts, sunglasses, etc.)
Rain jacket (depending on the weather)
Any food or drinks you may want besides water

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You will be fishing spots that are known to local fishermen like Capt. Hunter who have grown up fishing these waters. As well as getting to see and interact with the islands only accessible by boat and the wildlife surrounding them such as dolphins, turtles and manatees.

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Making memories on the water
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$500/kişi'den itibaren
Yeni deneyim
$500/kişi'den itibaren