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Cozy studio on the lake (#4)
Tüm misafir süiti · 2 misafir · 1 yatak · 1 banyo

Cozy studio on the lake (#4)A cozy studio on the ground floor of a guest house of a lakefront house. Double doors open your combination bedroom and sitting space to the patio with a beautiful lake view that provides a perfect start or finish to your day. Your unit has a queen size bed, a bar cart, and wireless internet. Off to the side is a tidy food prep area with drink ware and utensils, a fridge and a microwave. Your private bathroom includes a shower and integrated laundry.

Kirkland'ı keşfedin... kendinizi evinizde gibi hissederken!
Tüm misafir süiti · 4 misafir · 2 yatak · 1 banyo

Kirkland'ı keşfedin... kendinizi evinizde gibi hissederken!625 metrekarelik stüdyo dairemize hoş geldiniz. Sessiz, güvenli ve güler yüzlü Norkirk Semtinin tepesindeki ışıkla dolu güney manzarasıyla mekânımız dinlendirici, stressiz iş seyahatiniz veya eğlenceli NW kaçamağınız için mükemmel bir yerdir. Dinamik ve şık Kirkland Rıhtımı ile yeni tamamlanan Kirkland Urban ticari ve perakende merkezine 20 dakika yürüme mesafesindeyiz ve dünyaca ünlü Woodinville şarap deneyimine 15 dakika sürüş mesafesindeyiz!

Gözden Uzak Ağaç Ev Hissiyle Sessiz, Büyüleyici Taşıma Evi
Tüm misafir evi · 2 misafir · 1 yatak · 1 banyo

Gözden Uzak Ağaç Ev Hissiyle Sessiz, Büyüleyici Taşıma EviAğaçların arasında yer alan bir güvertede sessizliğin tadını çıkarın veya harika, yapraklı bir ortamla bu güzel yeni dairenin mahremiyetinin ve sakinliğinin tadını çıkarın. Çok sayıda tavan penceresi ve pencere mekanı havadar ve aydınlık hale getirir. TEMİZLİK EKİBİ MİSAFİRLER ARASINDA SANİTİZASYON yapıyor. Güncelleme: Komşularımız yeni bir ev inşa ediyor, böylece gündüzleri biraz inşaat gürültüsü oluyor.

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Bellevue konumunda diğer harika kiralık tatil yerleri

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Modern Downtown Kirkland 1BR/1BA Apartment
Gecelik $98
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  2. Kirkland
Göl ve Dağ Manzaraları! South Kirkland 2 BR.
Gecelik $139
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  2. Sammamish
Lake View Retreat/Ofis kaçamağı
Gecelik $170
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Cozy up in an Armchair by the Fire in Lakeside Kirkland
Gecelik $175
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Boş Saat C:Özel,Rahat,Temiz,Elverişli Stüdyo.
Gecelik $72
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Classic Craftsman In Old Town Issaquah
Gecelik $122
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Gecelik $171
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  2. Redmond
Redmond Barn tarzı Bodrum odası
Gecelik $52
  1. Tüm misafir süiti
  2. Mercer Island
Secluded Private Guest Suite with Gorgeous Gardens
Gecelik $130
  1. Tüm misafir süiti
  2. Issaquah
Heart of OldeTown 2 bedroom suite
Gecelik $77
  1. Tüm misafir süiti
  2. Kirkland
5★ Büyüleyici, aydınlık daire, Pazarın Batısı
Gecelik $92
  1. Özel oda
  2. Bellevue
Sungold Süit: Bellevue WA'da Yatak - Banyo - Yaşam Odası
Gecelik $50

Bellevue bölgesindeki en popüler deneyim ve etkinlikler

Yerel uzmanların ev sahipliğinde, kalitesi onaylanmış benzersiz etkinlikler

  • Chef Tour of Pike Place Market
    We will take you on a culinary tasting adventure of Pike Place Market. We will be stopping at 9 different artisanal vendors; learning about local production and tasting your way through the flavors of the Northwest. Learn where local chefs shop, where coffee aficionados get their cup of Joe and more! Other things to note: The tour takes place rain or shine. Please email if you have dietary restrictions. Note that not all of our routes stop at the same places in Pike Place. We do book private tours for 8-15 people. Please direct message us to learn more. Great activity for everyone- groups, families, couples, single travelers and locals! Please note this is market tour and not a restaurant tour. There are small bites over many stops and limit places to sit down. It requires a medium physical fitness level
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$60/kişi
  • Forge a knife from a horseshoe
    *IF YOUR PREFERRED CLASS IS FULL/UNAVAILABLE, PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE TO SEE IF WE CAN SNEAK YOU IN *WE CAN SHIP YOUR KNIFE IF YOU'RE UNABLE TO TRAVEL WITH IT In this 3 hour class, you'll begin with a horseshoe and end with your very own, handmade knife! Absolutely no prior experience is required and is suitable for ages 8+. No lifting required and little strength necessary, though hand-eye coordination always helps (READ DISCLAIMER AT BOTTOM PRIOR TO SCHEDULING). The curriculum is designed to flow seamlessly and be tons of fun: 1) You'll begin the class by putting on safety gear and reviewing safety procedures. 2) You'll use traditional blacksmithing equipment (forges, hammers, and anvils) to forge a knife from a horseshoe. 3) Each step will be demonstrated and guidance will be provided throughout the class. DISCLAIMER: Participants will be using hammers to move hot steel. This implies that your arm may become sore from hammering! Don't worry, we've never had a student fail to complete a project. If you have any disabilities that may prevent you from standing and hammering for long periods of time, please let me know prior to scheduling. Other things to note: Open-toed shoes are not allowed. Avoid synthetic pants & shirts (best to have cotton jeans & a cotton top).
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$80/kişi
  • Cuteness attack of bunnies
    We will learn about 1. How to determine the genders of the bunnies. 2. We will talk a little about the breeds and their personality. 3. What they eat and what not to feed them. 4. Compost/poop tea for the garden. 5. Birth and baby care. 6. Hands on experience, feeding and handling the rabbits. 7. So many fun stories and love therapy, you will feel so loved just looking at these cute fur balls hopping around! 8. Extra bonus ~quails eggs hunt and feeding our pet ducks,quack, quack! * * * If you want to learn how to care for them as a pet, I will make sure you pick a right bunny and learn to care for them, if you don’t want a pet, simply enjoy them here and not have to do the work. They will melt your heart. Come and hold the babies or simply spend time with them you will feel so loved. This is a great experience for adults and kids alike! Other things to note Remember to wear old farm clothes and it is getting really cold outside. Rabbits do kick and scratch because they are prey animals. If you like to handle them please wash hands before and after. We will provide pallets for feeding.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$20/kişi
  • Cam Projesini Destekleyin
    While visiting the artist's studio, you learn the process of blowing glass, and glass blowing techniques including taking a gather, marvering, blow'n-cap, and shaping glass. The workshop is very hands-on, focused on the process instead of the final product. With experienced glass artists, you make 2 to 3 small objects such as a paperweight, ornament/float, and/or drinking glass, to take home. Glassblowing is a team work. We strongly recommend to experience this with another person. If you are solo, you may still book a spot. However, the single booker should expect to finish earlier. Best to wear a cotton top and cotton pants. Open-toed shoes are not allowed. Please bring a pair of sunglasses, proof of vaccination with photo ID, and a face mask with you. Be prepared to be hot and sweaty, and to have fun! BYOB if you like. We can be flexible. Feel free to reach out to us to schedule a specific date and time or a private group if you don't see it on our calendar. Other things to note... Your pieces will be ready to be picked up in 24 hours. Shipping available with additional fee.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$199/kişi
  • Spring-Summer photo session in Seattle
    If you are looking to explore the beautiful Seattle view and get amazing pictures in the process, you should look no further. The University of Washington is a vibrant campus for a good walk and amazing pictures. It dates back to the 1890s. We will meet at the Drumheller fountain. The Sylvan Grove theater and columns are right nearby so we can get some amazing pictures then we will head to the Cherry blossoms at the quad. With the hope of clear skies, we can get the view of Mt Rainier from the red square and Drumheller fountain on the way to the cherry blossoms. We will then make our way down to the Sakuma Viewpoint to enjoy the Portage bay beach view. The experience will end after 1.5 hours and almost 2 miles, by Sakuma Viewpoint on Boat Street. Other things to note If you are driving, the best and cheapest place to park is on Boat Street where street parking is cheap and usually available. That is also where we will end our session.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:$120/kişi

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